Executive Committee

Nancy Ginter, Chairperson
Samir Shah, MD, President                                        
Cathy Griffith, Vice-Chairperson
James Hobley, MD, Vice President
Kim Foley, Secretary

Jane Holt, Treasurer

Ceciel Rooker
Jonathan Rosenberg, MD
Sarah Buchanan
Jeanine Gleba
Andrew Spiegel, Esq
Costas Kefalas, MD
Maurice Cerulli, MD

Immediate Past Chairperson
Lynn Gardiner Seim, MSN, RN

Immediate Past President 

​Ralph McKibbin, MD

Director of Development
James DeGerome, MD

Founder & President Emeritus
Suzanne Rosenthal

Health and Medicine Counsel of Washington
Dale P. Dirks

Lesia Griffin

Peter Herzog

National Office
507 Capitol Court, NE
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 544-7497 Phone
(202) 546-7105 Facsimile
herzog@hmcw.org Email

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